Lightspeed Equipment’s screen printing exposure units are fast! Now we can say that Lightspeed Equipment is not only fast in the shop, but on the track as well!

We are one of the proud spons0rs of the Mueller Lightspeed Sprint Car, and are excited to end the season with the championship!

Driver Mike Mueller of Stacy, MN has won the 2017 UMSS Traditional Sprint Car Series point championship driving the Lightspeed Equipment Sprint Car.

Mike is a fantastic driver, and this is a great milestone is his career. To learn more about Mike and the series, checkout this article from Sprint Source:

To learn more about Lightspeed Equipments championship screen printing exposure units and how they can save your business time & money while avoiding downtime, give us a call! We’d love to demo our patented multispectrum LED exposure technology and how it can improve the bottom line of your printing business FAST!

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