5 Years of Research and Development, Testing and Refinement went into producing the Lightspeed Equipment LED Exposure Unit. This screen printing exposure unit technology is light years ahead of anything else on the market.

Patented Energy Efficient Multi-Spectrum Screen Exposure System.

Patents 8,803,109 & 9669615.


5 years on lamps

1 year on unit excluding blankets and glass

LED Exposure Units are available in sizes that fit common screens, and we can built to order any size needed. We also offer Computer to Screen (CTS) units.

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Ulano / Kiwo tested a Lightspeed Equipment unit themselves and say it is the best LED Exposure Unit they have tested to date!

See the results for yourself

Invented by Shawn McPherson of McPherson Consulting. Screen Printing Equipment Repair 

LED Exposure Unit Orgins

Our LED Exposure Unit was engineered and designed by Screen Printing industry veteran Shawn McPherson. Shawn has been installing, repairing and training people on screen printing equipment since 1980. After working for years on other manufacturers equipment, he saw an opportunity to improve the performance, and lower the maintenance and operating costs for exposure units using LEDs. That’s when Lightspeed Equipment’s LED Exposure Unit was born.

His goals were to create an LED exposure unit that was reliable, shot accurate screens with less heat, had low power costs, and ease of use and maintenance. As customers who use the LED exposure units can attest to, they are super simple to setup and install, and perform well with every type of emulsion. They are built by hand and a lot of care and pride goes into each one. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a demo, Shawn is just a phone call away.

The proof is in the prints

Nothing else has Lightspeed’s patented focused multi-spectrum technology + performance.

Lightspeed Equipment’s UV LED Exposure Unit test results

“The other guys” exposure unit test results