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Screen Printing Exposure Units technology evolution

Screen Printing Exposure Unit evolution

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Shawn McPherson of Lightspeed Equipment explains the history and evolution of screen printing exposure unit bulb technology, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Starting with carbon arc lamps, the switch to UV tubes (mostly fluorescents) and evolving to the gold standard for many years = metal halide. With UV LEDs now becoming the standard with low heat, energy efficient, sharp detail and fast screen exposure times.

Lightspeed exposure bulb advantages

Shawn also explains the initial challenges in using LEDs in an exposure unit, and how his 3 patents work to insure Lightspeed Equipments have the only screen printing exposure units on the market that have multi-spectrum LEDs combined with focused lenses.

Hope you enjoy the video! Please contact us if you have any questions about our unique LED technology, exposure units, or want to talk screen printing with Shawn.