South Torrington Screen Printing Exposure Units

A screen printing exposure unit is a light unit that gives off light to expose photo sensitive emulsion or capillary film. It can easily be acquired as either a flat bed, upright or computer to screen model. A screen exposure unit ought to use a UV light sources. Conventional equipment use UV fluorescent bulbs, leds, and or metal halide bulbs. To get the best exposure times use a metal halide or led exposure unit. For the best final results use an led screen printing exposure unit.

From older bulbs to Lightspeed solutions

Multi-spectrum led screen printing units generate most effective results

See the detail in screens and test results for yourself

Lightspeed is your best source of high quality screen printing exposure units. We proudly service all of South Torrington, Wyoming and offer lightning fast shipping and unbeatable customer service. We deliver the most effective, eco-friendly technologies available to our South Torrington based clients! We also coordinate with authorized dealers and are happy to arrange a demo. Browse our website to see all we provide!

5 Years of Research and Development, Testing and Refinement went into creating the Lightspeed Equipment screen printing exposure units.

Our patented equipment is light years in front of everything else on the market.

Our company produces the SOLE Patented UV LED Multi-spectrum Screen Printing Exposure Units for sale.

Patented Energy Efficient Multi-Spectrum Screen Exposure System. Patent 8,803,109

Not only do we serve Blaine for exposure units but we can also assist if you require help in Torrington, Huntley, Heldt, Silver Tip, Lingle, Yoder, Veteran, Fonda, Hawk Springs, Fort Laramie, Rockeagle, Mers Hill, Wycross, La Grange, Jay Em, Guernsey, Sunrise, Hartville, Tremain, Slater

Special Sizes Easily Available

Exposure units are easily available in sizes that fit usual screens, and we can build to order any size needed

Works Best with Large Range of Films and Emulsions

Lightspeed also offers South Torrington businesses, start-ups, and screen print shops with high-performance exposure units at very competitive prices. Many shops in South Torrington, Wyoming rely on us for producing the best products available, reliably and outperforming the competition.

High Quality Screens and Results

Shooting first class detailed screens with a variety of emulsions is critical to your business’ success. Here at Lightspeed Equipment, we have been working in the screen printing sector since 1980 working end to end with printers through our screen printing equipment repair business.

Watching the advancement of leds supplied us the vision to produce the units available now.

We wanted to conquer a wide array of hurdles to ensure that our creation would not only work well for any usage, but with any emulsion desired. Our end goals were to design an LED exposure unit that was dependable, shot precise screens with a lot less heat energy, had lower power costs, and ease of use and servicing.

As customers who operatethe LED exposure units canattest to, they are incredibly simpleto setup and install, and perform splendidly with every type of emulsion. They are assembled by hand and a lot ofcare and pride goes into each one. If you have any questions or wish toarrange a demo, the inventor Shawn is only a call away.

Finest American Made Devices

We sell the only exposure unit you require to make your South Torrington based organization a hassle-free running operation. Each of our models is proudly made in the USA by hand with a lot of care and pride. and made to last. We stand behind our work and have many satisfied buyers as a result.

We Ship  Globally

Orders are shipped via freight straight to your operation in South Torrington, Wyoming 82240!


5 years on lamps

1 year on unit excluding blankets and glass

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